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Traffic Switch - Monday, October 6, 2014

Traffic Alert: Starting Monday, October 6, 2014, westbound traffic on Bellaire from Beltway 8 to Harbor Town will be switched to the recently completed concrete pavement in order for work to start, constructing the median. Orange barrels will be placed along the construction route prohibiting left turns on Bellaire from Corporate to Harbor Town. The side streets affected are Corporate, Ranchester, Gessner, Mary Bates and Harbor Town.
The total Bellaire reconstruction roadway project is expected to be completed by November 4, pending weather or material delays.

The traffic switch will move the 2 Westbound traffic lanes to the newly constructed pavement on the North side of Bellaire Blvd. The remaining work will be done at the median where it will be barricaded by orange barrels throughout the length of the project. After the traffic switch there will be 2 lanes going Eastbound on the South side of Bellaire Blvd and 2 lanes going Westbound on the North side of Bellaire Blvd, at this point there will not be any left turns from Bellaire to other streets.

Please continue to comply with the speed limit of 25 mph, and obey posted traffic signs!


HPD Safety Video: Pedestrian Safety

Bellaire Construction News from NTDTV

Monthly Progress Meeting - June 11, 2014

Planned Progress from June 11, 2014 to July 8, 2014

Storm Sewer (Bellaire Blvd. West Bound)

  • Complete Storm Sewer leads at various locations

Demolition (Bellaire Blvd. West Bound)

  • Continue Demolition from Corporate going east

Pavement (Bellaire Blvd. West Bound)

  • Continue Pavement from BW8 to Corporate
  • Continue Pavement at Redding and Crusader Way Intersections
  • Continue Pavement from Ranchester to Corporate

Pavers (Bellaire Blvd. West Bound)

  • Sidewalk Pavers

Sidewalk (Bellaire Blvd. West Bound)

  • Begin Sidewalk from Harbor Town going West

Crosswalks (Bellaire Blvd. and Beltway 8)

  • Continue work on Crosswalks on Southbound lanes at Bellaire

Download June's Progress Meeting Notes